Humanities112- World Cultures- Project Paper

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Humanities112- World Cultures- Project Paper

Humanities112- World Cultures- Project Paper


Every corporate office needs some art work in order to add some life and color to the office. These pieces of art should not only add beauty but also define the corporate image to anyone who enters the office. Keeping this in mind, the following paintings are being suggested. Of these three are 19th century Impressionist painting and three are Post-Impressionist works. The 19th century Impressionist paintings include Regattas at Argenteuil, Summer's Day, and Leo Tolstoy Ploughing his field; while the Post-Impressionist works included here are: The Murder of Jane McCrea, The Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak, and The Last Race, Part of the Okipa Ceremony.

Regattas at Argenteuil by Claude Monet

The Regattas at Argenteuil is a magnificent work by Claude Monet. This painting is about the Seine River at a point where it broadens out in a basin. This part of the river attracts a lot of people and hence this painting portrays a scene in which sail boats are sailing in front of what seems to be a farm house. It is a quite detailed painting with fragmented brush strokes.

This painting should be placed in the waiting area since it gives a very pleasant feel. This would allow visitors to relax while waiting for their meetings. It shows that the company has a very relaxing and friendly environment. Working in such a relaxing environment always motivated people to accomplish their tasks efficiently (Ibiblio, 2012).

Summer's Day by Berthe Morisot

This painting was displayed in the fifth Impressionist exhibition that was held in 1880. It depicts two women sailing on a boat. The surroundings are serene with trees and a plain in the background. The ducks or swans in the water suggest that this is a lake. Overall, the painting portrays a scene of friendship and relaxation. The scenery is captured very well with a lot of details.

This painting is of high significance since it is one of the painters' best pieces of art. The textures and color is enhanced by her style of using light to create amazing effects. The shadows and reflections are highlighted in a way that makes this a true masterpiece (impressionism, n.d.).

This painting should also be placed in the waiting area along with the previous painting since both portray the same sense and soothes the mind of the viewer. Both these pictures are in harmony with each other since they ...