Hunting Wildlife

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Hunting Wildlife

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Hunting Wildlife


Hunting is the hobby which few people have, and they go for hunting monthly, or seasonally. Every one of us has a different view when it comes to hunting. Some are in favor for it while others are against it. We all cannot like it because there are organizations that do not, and they have a very loud voice against it. However, the hunters have just as loud of a voice as people opposing it (Miniter, 2007). We can look at hunting in different ways. In one way, we should view it on how it is helping our environment. Hunting is a large economic benefit to the conservation of wild life. Another way is how the hunters help fund state wildlife agencies. Hunting is a tradition in the United States. Some may view it as a cruel and unwarranted act.

Thesis Statement

Hunting has a diplomatic importance, that is, it is important in term of improving the economy, but it is also harmful as it is affecting the wildlife.


I feel that hunting is a critical issue today, and we need to take a closer look at it. Some organizations think it is wrong, but if we do not hunt, for example, white tail deer or even mule deer, they will begin to overpopulate. I think that within reason, there is always room for us to hunt because it helps keep the population of them down but it also feeds us. It is another form of meat that most Americans enjoy. Hunting is a sport or hobby as well, but most hunters do not abuse this sport. Hunting is important to me because it helps me feed my family. If we do hunt within the rules, then there is nothing wrong with it. I love to hunt because it ...
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