Hypertension: The Poor Management, Prevention And Treatment

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Hypertension: the Poor Management, Prevention and Treatment

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Hypertension: the Poor Management, Prevention and Treatment

Importance of Adult/Geriatric Nurse Practitioners

Hypertension has been found to be the primary cause of cardiovascular morbidity. Proper management of hypertension, or high blood pressure, significantly reduces the risk associated with cardiovascular events (Vilela-Martin, Vaz-de-Melo, Kuniyoshi, Abdo, & Yugar-Toledo, 2011). However, the current management of hypertension in the public health care is quite depressing across the globe. For instance, the management of hypertension in United Kingdom is often always inadequate.

The lack of management has resulted in the prevalence of hypertension in the Western world (HERT, et al., 2011). The ageing population is continually exposed to the negatives of improper management. Therefore, proper management of hypertension in the healthcare industry has become a necessity rather than just an option. In this particular scenario, nurse practitioner can play an influential role in the treatment and prevention of this particular disease. Although, this particular area of research has been debated upon for quite some time, but no unanimous and effective decision has been put forward. Nurse practitioners are solely responsible for the patient care; therefore improvement in the management of hypertension is essentially required to ensure the support and serving of nurse practitioners as primary managers for the treatment of hypertension in the healthcare industry.

Literature Review

According to (Wendy, Joan, Margaret, Jenifer, & Daniel, 2011), hypertension has become an emerging concern in the United States of America. In addition, the research unveils that approximately 73.6 million adults have become a victim of hypertension in the prior years. On the other hand, the research unveils the shortage of skills and lack of management in terms of hypertension; meanwhile it has further been forecasted that the trend will continue to rise in the forthcoming years. Meanwhile, the American College of Physicians ...
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