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Reflection on Teaching and Learning for Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise (ICE)

Reflection on Teaching and Learning for Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise (ICE)


Learning from an ICE approach is the most natural way to learn the most satisfaction and freedom of expression, socialization experiences. Therefore, it is an objective of education is to develop the creativity of students at different levels of education, a task that is complex and should be planned and in some sense improve the teaching-learning process. The teacher is an essential component to achieve this end, why this should be a strategic objective in the training of future teachers who are trained in the universities of Educational Science should form the perspective of a creative learning to address existential. Its structure covers the main results of the research projects developed in Cuba and socialized through publications, participation in events, Master's and Doctoral thesis defended its disclosure has been made and introduced in other countries like Brazil, Peru and Mexico.


One of the most valued and pursued objectives in education throughout the ages, is to teach students to become autonomous learners, independent and self-regulating, able to learn. However, it now seems that precisely what the curricula at all educational levels promote, are learners highly dependent on the instructional situation, with many or few conceptual knowledge about various disciplinary issues. Few tools or cognitive tools enable them to cope by themselves new learning situations from different domains and useful to many different situations (Donald et al., 2005).

Today more than ever, we may be closer to that desired goal by the multiple investigations that have developed around these and other topics, from cognitive and constructivist approaches. ICE is an effective method to enhance the learning process. ICE learning is a process by which individuals learn how to organize information in a creative and ...
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