Ikea And Toys 'r' Us' Analysis

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IKEA And Toys 'R' Us' Analysis

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Task 13


Threats to American film industry3

IKEA to develop a sustainable business4


IKEA To Fulfil Its Social Responsibility5

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Business Strategy Market And Nonmarket Strategies6

Toys 'R' Us dealing with the protests of German toy manufacturers7

Government Regulation Of The Store's Opening Hours8



IKEA And Toys 'R' Us' Analysis

Task 1


The cinema of the United States has had a profound effect on cinema across the world since the early 20th century. Its history is sometimes separated into four main periods: the silent film era, classical Hollywood cinema, New Hollywood, and the contemporary period (after 1980). Since the 1920s, the American film industry has grossed more money every year than that of any other country. The American film industry without Hollywood! It is quiet impossible to think about the American film industry without the name of Hollywood. While you are thinking about Hollywood and the American film industry you will find that the effect of Hollywood has given rise to several periods of American Cinema.

Threats to American film industry

From silent films to movies made by modern technology and cinematography, all have been shot in Hollywood. From its early stages Hollywood showed its influence on the American film industry. Several notable and world famous American movies had been filmed in Hollywood. Famous movie companies find Hollywood as the perfect place to shoot their films. The (US) $6 billion world film industry has experienced turbulent times in the past ten years as supply and demand balances have created a cycle of almost “boom and bust.” Right now, just as world markets were improving, industry players have become fearful of the effect of the latest announcements of increases in capacity over the next two years in China.( Husted, 2006 81)

Given below is the use of SWOT analysis in helping IKEA to develop as a sustainable business. IKEA group is engaged in the business of retail home furniture and other housewares. IKEA is a vertically integrated group. The vertical integration enables the group to save cost at each stage and delivers high-quality furniture at lower prices than its competitors. However, an slowdown in the housing market due to limited housing supply and higher prices could negatively affect the revenues of the group. Sourcing from China Slowdown in the US housing market Growth in online retail spending Rise in steel prices Opening of new stores Rise in interest rates in Sweden Economic slowdown in Eurozone.

Vertical integration IKEA is a vertically integrated furniture group. The Swedwood group is the IKEA's industrial group, which produces wood-based furniture and wooden components. Swedwood has manufacturing units in 11 countries in Europe. Operations cover every step of production, from forestry, sawmilling and board manufacture to furniture production. The efficient production standards with which the group produces enable it to maximize productivity and minimize waste-generation.( Bundh, 2003 250)

IKEA to develop a sustainable business

IKEA has 31 distribution centers in 16 countries. These centres supply goods to IKEA stores, and they ensure that the route ...