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Imaginative Writing

Imaginative Writing

Fiction Part

It was a hot summer afternoon, with the scorching heat of the sun forcing every student in the university to remain in the air conditioned class. The absence of an instructor had allowed everyone to complete the assignments that were due and many of the students had their notebook computers out on the desk. On the contrary, I was enjoying a novel at the backseat oblivious of the work I had to complete before the next week. I had developed an unusual liking for the romantic novels sine the last few weeks and was often found engrossed in the novel even during the class.

I was deeply pondering over and visualizing the climax of the story when suddenly Williams took a chair by my side and snatched the book from me. William was the only friend I had in the university. I was quite an introvert and usually kept to myself, uninterested in the entertaining events of the class. William was clearly not in a cheerful mood. “What have I been hearing since the last few weeks?” said William angrily. “Flora has been complaining about your indifference to her and she has also not attended last week's Electrical Machines class. I was not prepared for this question because I have eagerly avoided the discussion related to Flora. I stood from my seat, kept the book quietly in my cupboard in front and moved out of the class without a work about Flora.

My story started the day I met Flora in the basement of my university where I had gone to have some refreshment. It was our first year in the university and there were four years ahead of us. We started talking and the friendship strengthened as we spent some time with each other. I was a guy who liked to remain isolated and away from the other class fellows who enjoyed sports in the break and had regular outing at the end of the week. Flora became my friend and partner in studies. This may surprise the reader, but I was never an outstanding student in the class despite the lack of activities and the ample time I spent on my studies. In these circumstances I found a very good friend in Flora who was always ready to help me with my assignments and sometimes even had to complete my assignment after completing hers. She was good natured, complacent, easy going and temperate, always accepting what I said and ready to come along with me when I had no one to be with.

Things were going nicely and my grades begin to improve as the second year cam to its end. I had become more involved in the class discussions and had made some friends from the group which played soccer in the break. William was the guy I was most attached to and I played some soccer matches with his team. I had set my priorities and was going on well in ...
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