Immigration Reform Then And Now

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Immigration Reform Then and Now

Immigration Reform Then and Now


As indicated by the word reform, the immigration reform proposes for the new policies and strategies introduced by the present government of any country for immigrants from other countries present there. These immigrants who may have left their country for say any reason needed to be accommodated (United States Immigration Reform, 2012). America is a heaven for immigrants. Every third person is an immigrant and usually from a third world country. Immigrants are affecting the social and economical condition of America.


Immigration Reform Years Ago

America has been facing the problem of growing poverty rate. America has satisfactory literacy rate and a strong economy. Despite of these facts, the poverty problem has been immovable. Government gives attention to the fact that poverty is increasing. Government does not give attention to the reason behind this problem. The main reason behind this poverty issue is the uneducated immigrant population. America is a hub for immigrants from all over the world. Especially, people from third world have a perception that they will earn tons of money in America. No matter how less educated they are, they come to America to test their luck. No country can provide a short cut for earning money without education. So these immigrants do not get a job even in America, and as a result they become a part of the poor population in America. Naturally when these immigrants increase their family, they will increase the number of uneducated people and ultimately the poor population. According to a report, the immigrant indigent population is three times larger than the native indigent population (

People leave their country for a number of reasons. The most main reason is earning money. Immigration is not a new concept. America has a history that reveals the facts about immigration. The reasons for immigration have changed over the years. Reports portray as if reasons are the same as they were years ago. But the truth is people immigrate for different reasons. Now America is way different from it was years ago, and immigrants are the main reason behind it (

As the population of America constitutes a great number of immigrants, it has caused some serious issues. Apart from adding to the number of the poor people, immigrants are also increasing the ratio of uninsured people. This may not bother immigrants, but it is bothering the native insured Americans. The insurance agencies are not keeping a check on the ratio of uninsured citizens. The population is increasing at a rapid rate due to immigration, and immigrants do not go for insurance. But the insurance costs are set according to the entire population. As a result insurance cost is getting higher with the increase in population. The insured natives are paying penalty due to the uninsured immigrants. America is welcoming immigrants for its own reasons, but the government is not playing an effective role in maintaining the budgetary balance (

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