Impact Of Social Media And Entrepreneurship On Globalization Of Culture And Economies

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Impact of social media and entrepreneurship on globalization of culture and economies


The study will encompass the role of globalization changing the overall well being of the world. There are many factor s which contribute in the phenomena of globalization. As the globalization is the outcome of many factors which is not possible to cover in one research. The study will incorporate two factors including social media and online entrepreneurship affecting the cultures and economies of the world. Communication technology has become one of the most famous medium of communication irrespective of the gender, race and ethnic background. It has bridge the gap between countries and serves as the medium which transfers the culture from one of the world to another without physical movement. Face book is the most popular social media website which is responsible for creating awareness transfusion of cultures. The communication medium has also given rise to many entrepreneurial opportunities to the individuals to explore their talent and passion. The study will be conducted to find out the relationship of these factors on globalization whether they positively or negatively influence the cultures and economies in the process of globalization. I will use the exploratory design in the research by employing the qualitative and quantitative approach in the research. This will require the collection of data which will be done by using primary and secondary sources in dart collection. In quantitative approach questionnaire will be constructed including 20 questions. The questionnaire will be comprised of structured closed ended questions. Formal interviews and focused groups will be organized to ascertain data acquired from qualitative approach. The findings will be analyzed through applying suitable statistical tools and by referring to through research studies conducted in the past. The research will be conducted by considering all the ethical concerns and to avoid any kind of biases in the study. The research will be conducted keeping in mind the time frame of 4 years which are divided in 16 quarters. The contingency plan will be documented which include another two variable considering the limitations to the study.

Social media and online entrepreneurship affecting the cultures and economies of the societies


World has become a small place as a person belonging from one part of the world can get access to another part of the world. This has been possible with the phenomena of globalization. Globalization is free movement of goods, services and people across the world in an integrated manner. Globalization is rather big set of ideas other than free transference of goods and services. It is positively contributing in the lives of people around the globe, providing better prospects of lives to people. it help in bringing different economies, culture and societies to collaborate and work together for enhancement of opportunities

Globalization has been emerged with the advancement of technology. The technological development in field of communication has played a big role in facilitating it at a number of levels. Communication technology includes many devices including television, radio, telephones, and computers fax machines allowing ...
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