Importance Of Teamwork

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Importance of Team Work


Overview of Team work

A team is basically described as a collection of individuals. Team work is very essential for students. Now a day in every organization managerial level wants everything to be in a team in order to get satisfactory results. They are focused on their identity and individual functioning within a subject. When they feel secure about their identity and their territory, the team members move gradually their energy to the processes that affect other members. Working in groups helps people in building a team based on listening and negotiation is an agreement for decision making (Hampton, C. 2002). The word team means a group of people. Communicate in a better way; try out alliances with one or two people becomes a concern. The team members acquire a systemic view. A team is a dynamic force, alive and moving on which are grafted individuals to accomplish a task which helps students to get good results and to build a better career in future. However the team members jointly determine their goals, emit ideas, make decisions and work collectively. The above explanation of teamwork highlights three key features that present a work team:

The convergence of efforts of each member is when people have collaboration with each other, when they perform tasks together, which takes place in a healthy work environment and solidarity;

Operationalize a task is when a task that relies on the means, resources and tools for each, as well as a specific procedure to follow;

A common target basically define as, when an ultimate goal is to achieve a better final product;


Importance of team work for students

Student should use strategies to initiate and enhance team work and their performance. An effective performance appraisal system in a team based student works includes a results orientation and a concern with the processes that enable results. One way to accomplish this is basically to use a goal based system that holds the team accountable for results and individuals accountable for their contribution to the team.

At every institution level, it is vitally important that the performing unit, whether individual or team be actively involved with the good grades in the joint determination of appropriate goals and criteria of performance. The main focus should be on the performance of team work from which a student achieves higher grades and provides flexibility in tailoring individual performance appraisal to accommodate many different types of work assignments or the big projects. When it comes to individual work, it's not essential for big projects because different types of work contributions for different types of work assigned by instructor. Any local management also facilitates the design of individual and team development plans, as well as providing quicker response time when change needed but well known and bigger organizations usually works in a team in order to achieve best results in work and it also gets easy to brain storming and demonstrate the proper answer (Hampton, ...
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