Improving Organizational Environment

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Improving Organizational Environment

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Organizational psychologists address issues of organizational environment in various ways. According to them, it is essential to understand, within the organizational environment, what are the factors that motivate and demotivate employees, and that study of human behavior within workplace should be used as an effective tool to ensure better management of people. This paper aims at utilizing organizational psychology concepts to make recommendations to improve the environment within an organization.


Finding the right direction in any relationship is always challenging. Even in our personal lives, it is sometimes difficult to find the balance to maintain a healthy and lasting friendship. So it is essential for everyone to know how to listen, behave, talk and respect the opinions of others. These are some of the most commonly heard recommendations from experts. But when it comes to the work environment, a question arises if the same rules apply? In an environment where any excess at coexistence between superior and subordinate can be understood as flattery or favoritism, what to do to break this taboo that creates barriers in a relationship that can be very healthy, friendly and even productive for both professionals?

To interact with the boss or the employee, without being seen as “sycophant” or as a manager without leading power, there are some simple tips, but these simple recommendations will make a significant difference in improving the organizational climate of the company where one is a manager (Porter, et al., 1974).

Maintain Balance between Authority and Frankness: If a manager is too friendly, he / she can make the team do not view him / her as head, losing the reference to who has the power to decide what. On the other hand, too much of authoritarianism can put forth a big barrier for the employees, keeping them away from ...
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