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Individual Portfolio

Individual Portfolio


The final portfolio of writing that I have prepared after the completion of the course of learning English in a course makes me improve my writing and observation a lot. This is a reflective essay representing the changes that attending and learning the course of English has brought in my writings.

The SWOT analysis below identifies my personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats pertaining to my career aspirations. Areas of weakness and further development include time management, managing stress, self awareness, and problem solving. Long term career goals are for a position for a senior recruitment professional position which may require more educational merits.


Strengths and Weaknesses

-Work experience: Customer Service, Administrative Processes

-Education: Dip Business, Bach Business/HR

-Transferable skills: Managing Conflict (initiating, responding, & mediating), Empowering and Delegating

-Communication Skills: Empathy, Persuasiveness, Information Sharing,

Understanding Verbal Instructions, Speaking Effectively, Customer Focus

-Self-Management Skills: Approach to Work, Integrity, Responsibility, Self Confidence

-Team Work Skills: Team work, Accepting Diversity, Motivating Others

-Initiative and Enterprise Skills: Self-Sufficiency, Business Acumen, Create Sales

-Learning Skills: Handling Feedback,

Self-Development, Flexibility

-Technology Skills: Computer Literacy, Safety Compliance

-Personal characteristics: ability to work under pressure and to time lines,, optimistic, realistic, head strong, opinionated, honest.

-Lack of work experience in the chosen field

-Time management skills

-Managing Stress: Eliminating stressors, Developing Resiliency, Short-term Coping

-Self Awareness: Self-disclosure and openness

-Problem Solving: Rational Problem Solving, Creative Problem Solving, Fostering Innovation

-Negative personal characteristics: lack of motivation, shyness, reluctance to ask for assistance, stubbornness.


Opportunities and Threats

-Opportunities for professional development in recruiting

- Further training in psychology and other educational interests

-Career path to higher advancement in recruiting

-Recruiting in TV or Radio

-Competition from other graduates

-Competitors with superior skills, experience, knowledge

-Competitors who went to better universities and higher GPA

Skill areas chosen for development

The two identifiable skill areas that I have chosen to develop are the areas of self-awareness and managing stress. Both these competencies were unanimously low in comparison to the other management competencies. Particularly, a specific component of managing stress that I would benefit from developing is time management, which was rated very low in the managing stress category from my associates and me. This self management skill was also missing in my Chandler Macleod Strengths Report, which only regarded my approach to work, integrity, responsibility and self confidence as self management skill strengths. An integral part of self-management, in my opinion, is time management. Developing this area specifically will encourage positive results in my ability to manage stress.

Skill Audit

A personal skill audit should carry out by ourselves with honesty and truthfully. From a personal audit can identify who you are and what you want do with your life. This audit won't be a one time for a life. Skill audit need to carry out regularly may be twice a year or yearly. When you develop your skills your personal skill audit result may change. A personal skill audit must have a systematic method.

Covering all the skills type I have done my skill audit. According to the audit my English communication skill is not sufficient to the level I expect. I look forward to improve by speaking with friends ...
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