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Individual VOIP

Individual VOIP


The voice over IP and Internet Protocol (IP) at Vipro Technologies is becoming popular among businesses and consumers. Voice over IP provides a foundation for your business applications offer more advanced unified communications, including online lectures and videoconferences, which can transform the way they do business.



Voice over IP (VoIP) or Internet Telephony, as the name signifies, is a process of transmitting voice over packet switched network or the Internet. With affordability, convenience and acceptable quality associated with VoIP, it is not surprising that it is one of the fastest growing telecommunication markets today, especially in the area of long distance call and internal corporate network.

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Vipro Technologies

VOIP Technology

Kuhn (2005) maintains that “VoIP (Voice over IP) - a technology that enables transmission of voice via the Internet or dedicated networks using IP protocol, often used as a synonym for password, Internet telephony. While VoIP is created digital representation of voice, it is compressed and divided into packets. This packet stream is then transmitted over a network with other data.”In the receiving device the entire process is played in reverse so we get a normal voice signal. The IP network can be any packet switched network including ATM, frame really, the Internet, the network links based on TI (E1) (Vinton 2004). For VoIP communication can be carried out the necessary specialist equipment and software. Today more and more companies are involved in the production of such equipment and applications, as well as most VoIP telecommunications operators have on offer (Keating 2008).

Improvement through VOIP

According to a VoIP system two people can talk to each other using headsets and microphones connected to their computers. Alternatively it can be used VoIP-adapter to convert standard analog audio signals phone internet packages. VoIP gateways connect online systems with public telephone networks (PSTN). As a rule the use of these gateways Companies such as, for example, Vonage customers to sell a package that includes VoIP-adapter and the ability to use VoIP gateway that company, giving customers the illusion of Vonage use a regular phone, with the only difference that need to connect to the Vonage adapter cable modem or home network, rather than to a pair of wires leading to the central office of the telephone company.

Advantages of VoIP

Voice over IP and unified communications allow Vipro Technologies as:

Reduce travel costs and training using videoconferencing and online conferences.

Update your phone system according to ...
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