Work Health and Safety: Case Study

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Work Health and Safety: Case Study QUASCO


Safety at work is one of the most important aspects of the work activity. Work without proper safety measures can lead to serious health problems. Thus security often not taken as seriously as it should which can lead to serious problems not only for employees but also for employers. For this reason the Government is increasingly stricter policy regarding safety at work. For instance, UK has established Health and Safety legislation for all organizations operating in UK. The term health and safety includes social, mental and physical welfare of all employees. To fulfill the purpose of safety and health in the workplace it is necessary for companies to contribute and participate in the programs of health and safety (Kaplan & Tetrick, 2010). These programs improve the health of workers and reduces accidents and diseases, increase business productivity and reduces absenteeism, improve the work environment, motivation and participation, increase talent retention and reduces turnover, improves corporate image for the workers, for businesses and for the community where they are located, decreases health social costs, social security and insurance, and contributes to improving the quality of life of citizens, and improve the environment, pollution, transport accessibility and polygons.

Health and safety practices are important because they help to prevent violence between offices and educate employees about the potential dangers they face. In this paper we are going to discuss case of Qatar Steel Corporation also called as QAUSCO. This discussion will include comparison of QUASCO approach with health and safety legislation of UK more specifically with recommendations given by Roben in his report. Based on the analysis recommendation shall be given. In addition, we shall debate on whether the organization should have evaluated all the risks in all areas and then identified approaches as compared to their alternative approach. In the end, the paper will include proposition of additional managing system for the company which will increase their efficiency. The purpose of this paper is to let readers know about the importance of health and safety practices for an organization and how is it important to work parallel with legislations of the country.

Company Profile

Qatar Steel Co. (QSC or QAUSCO) is a multinational company founded in 1974. The company is owned by the Qatari government since 1997 and its main activity dedicated to the extraction of iron and steel production. Its headquarters is in Qatar and maintains a branch in the United Arab Emirates. Per year the company produces 1.2 million tons of molten steel and has capacity to produce 740,000 tons of rolled steel. The company's other subsidiaries include coal, natural gas, oil, and aluminum. The company is based in Dubai, Mauritania, UAE, and Barein. Qatar Steel Company is the first integrated steel plant in the entire Arabian Gulf. There four major unites of this corporation named as: Electric Arc Furance, direct Reduction, Rolling Mill, and Continuous Casting (Salaheldin & Zain, 2007).

Other auxiliaries include Main Power Substation, Material Receiving and Handling, Maintenance Shops, Quality ...