Influence Of American Movies On The World

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Influence of American Movies on the World

Influence of American Movies on the World


We all watch movies and we cannot deny this fact. Today with the innovation of technology we have access to every media. Have we ever thought of the effects that American movies do have over the rest of the world.

Movies have become inspirational part of our lives, this is very difficult to imagine a planet without this type of entertainment. Because of the advent of new technology, there is a huge decrease in the number of goers to the theater. But the number of movie watchers has gone up drastically. The movie industry is making a lot of profits. The reason why movies are so revered because they do open a new window of unimaginable possibilities for the viewers. This lets you go into the world of imagination, far away from the realities of daily life and takes you away.

Movies do have impact on our lives, on our culture and the way we do things in our routine. The language that we use and the way we behave all has been impacted by movies.


Globalization of U.S.Culture

The majority of the world is focusing on America. The culture of America has become so popular among the teens in different parts of the world. American they have a positive view regarding their popular culture. Most of the Americans see this as a positive sign that American culture is influencing over the different cultures of the world but only a small minority thinks that this is a threat for other cultures to get influenced by American culture because this will destroy their culture. When we talk about globalization brings greater influence of culture in the United States of America then they express a positive attitude.

Through the advancement of technology, culture has moved beyond border, and it is transforming from locations the common meaning of the culture. Through the sharing process of the values, ideas and the believes of one culture to another culture, which ultimately leaded to inter-connectedness between different populations from the diversity of cultures.

The most controversial aspects of the globalization is basically the global spread and the dominance of the American culture. Just like the American goods flooded the global market, same like movies are also flooded in the world and this is penetrating into the culture of every continent and every nation. From US to China to the Middle East, every country has expressed the fear that the global culture will become too Americanized, and this will destroy their own identity, their economic and religious traditions.

Spreading American Culture

Whatsoever the Americans are split regarding the value of spreading the American culture all around the world. In 2002, someone surveyed on a poll and found that just 47% feels that American movies and American culture had a positive effect on rest of the world. 44% thought that the impact was negative. In reality in another poll conducted earlier, forty eight percent feel mixed and five percent feel bad, when they hear ...
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