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Information Security Program

Information Security Program

Information security as the name implies is the act of providing security to information in form either electronic or physical. Information security helps in preventing the information from being accessed by undesirable and unauthorized intruders. Information in any form should be protected. Information security programs for organization help them maintain their privacy as well as of their clients.

In modern era, the increased use of computer system evokes the desire for protecting the soft information stored in computers. Concept of security networks, intrusion detection and prevention techniques are useful in maintaining the security level of any organization that protects the important and confidential information.

CIA Triad

The concept of CIA triad is of great significant for any information security system. CIA refers to confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Confidentiality allows keeping the information secret in coded forms. Integrity assures that the data and information would not be manipulated by any unauthorized person. Availability makes the data available when it is needed but only to authorized personnel. This may involve denial of service attacks t help secure the information.

The designing of information security programs includes the evolution of the specific system that re reliable and have the features of verifying and authenticating of the implemented systems.

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

The department of Health and Human services in entitled to work for the well being of Americans in all aspects. This department provides its services in protecting health of the natives of America. They also offer many other humans services to those who are unable to take care of themselves.

Information Security Program for U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Being the largest insurer of the people of America, HHS realized the need of providing a secured system for the information of its clients and all the members associated with it. HHS relies on computerized systems to provide its services and support the mission and it needs to store critical information in order to proceed with the services. The information security and privacy program was introduced in 2003. This program was intended to protect the organization and its information against technological threats and vulnerabilities. This information security program helps in boosting the processes of e-government (HHS, n.d.).

Strategic fit of the program

The information security program was launched by the HHS to help achieve its objectives and goals efficiently. The strategic plan of HHS is updated at after every four years to improve the efficiency of the department in order to achieve its goals. The information security program helps HHS in achieving complex, comprehensive and ever arising issues (HHS, 2012).

The goal of the organization to strengthen the healthcare system of the America is well supported by the security program. The objectives of this goal require great privacy because in order to achieve them significant information of the residents of the country is to be stored. For instance the use of electronic health records requires that no information of the person is manoeuvred by any intruder.

The goal of HHs to carry out advancements in ...
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