Information Systems In Health Care

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Information Systems in Health Care

Information Systems in Health Care


Today, the cost-effective and most practical alternative for automatic patient identification is the application of QR-code based tag technology. This technology makes use of smart phones devices for code decoding and reading. This QR based technology also provides remote access to health record. The healthcare organizations with limited budgets make use of this new-fangled technology.

QR Coding and Stickers

A QR code stands for Quick Response Code. This code is a particular two-dimensional code or barcode that is readable by camera phones and barcode readers. The QR code includes black modules that are arranged on a white color background, and in pattern of square. The information that is encoded can be URL, text or any other form of data. QR codes are bar codes that are square shaped. With the rising popularity of Smartphones , these boxes can be scanned easily with the help of an application that is installed on the phone, which displays contact information and text on their phone (Tan, 2008). In healthcare settings, QR codes are facilitating healthcare professionals as well as patients. Patients can scan hospital's QR codes to get complete knowledge about the hospital or even get discount on some healthcare services. As QR codes are mainly free to make and interactive, they provide benefit to both healthcare organization and patient.

Healthcare organizations are expanding this technology in their major healthcare services, as a mean to interact with their patients. The QR code stickers are rapidly expanding and becoming the future of healthcare in many healthcare settings.

Healthcare Places where QR Coding Technology is Used

Healthcare organizations have not necessarily adopted services such as social media however; these organizations have started to make use of QR-code technology in creating mobile websites and tracking medication of patient. QR code based technology is an attractive technology for healthcare organizations because it is easy to use and has lower cost (Ebling, 2010).

QR code technology can help in simplifying marketing challenges of healthcare organizations. This technology helps in integrating organization's marketing effort into social media. Healthcare organizations can make use of QR-code technology is some of the following ways:

Healthcare organizations can make use of QR codes in order to link a tool of finding doctor

Healthcare organizations can make use of QR code technology in an article to provide a YouTube Video of physician illustrating how a new process works

Healthcare organizations ...
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