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Innovate Church - Discipleship I

The chapter 1 of discipleship is related to the God's will for my life. In this chapter, the author has focused on the concept of disciple. The author has emphasized that after the death of Jesus, the disciples have become confused because they were expecting Roman oppression from Jesus. The author has discussed the passionate followers of Jesus in this chapter. According to it, without following the mission of Jesus it is impossible to become passionate follower of Jesus. In this chapter the author has defined different challenges faced by individuals who desire to come after Christ. The chapter is about the different challenges faced by the modern disciple in following Christ. The author has described different qualities of disciple as one who gives serious considerations to cost before following Christ and is totally committed to Christ. The author has provided 10 main qualities of a disciple.

Along with this, the author has also identified three main concepts of being a disciple. These three main concepts are Sacrificial, relational and transformational concepts.

1) Sacrificial: According to the sacrificial concept, the disciple has to make final decision to follow Christ no matter what the cost is. The first stage of this concept is salvation after which the person makes the final decision of abandoning his family for the Master if needed. In this stage, the disciple is ready to follow Christ till the end of the earth. As per this concept, the disciple is ready to sacrifice his family, future plans, time, body and energy in order to come after Christ.

2) Relational: The second concept for being a disciple is the relational concept. According to this concept the disciple should believe that love is the main trademark in order to follow Christ. In order to follow the value system of disciple it is necessary to love God so that it will be easy to spend time with Him and His children. It is necessary for the disciple to spend time with Christians in order to provide spiritual nourishment and encouragement. This concept emphasizes that loving God and his children is the main component which could be helpful in becoming a follower of Christ.

3) Transformational: The transformational concept indicates that to become a disciple it is necessary to transform and change your ...