Innovative Project

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Innovative Project

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Sheet Formative Innovation Project with Emerging Technology Integration


The Project aims to inculcate online educational classes for the students of kindergarten.

Basic Issues

The prevalent educational system does not incorporate the technological implications in educating young kids from kindergarten. According to Bright (2011), the early use of technology to these students will not replace the conventional teaching process. However, the support that educational approaches can draw using technological innovation at this age of the students can improve the chances of success of the transfer of knowledge. Students at this age are not given access and guidance to operate and learn in highly technological environment. The coming time is expected to be fully loaded with extreme use of technology that needs the kids to learn technological usage as part of their routine.


The target has been selected quite meticulously since the prime motto of the project is to introduce change to the entire new generation. In the context, the kindergarten students have been considered best to serve the purpose. The children have immense responsive skills that are not usually explored regarding encouraging them to make use of technological innovation. The project will work with government schools as to motivate large number of masses to buy the new idea. The conventional teaching practices will not be changed through this project but will have a few adjustments as align the new idea with the traditional one. The capacity of the kindergarten students will be expanded through this new amendment.

Project Description

The project is about introducing educational practices that are based on technological innovation to widen the capabilities of the children in their kindergarten. The project will tend to work with public schools and may have to face some considerable pressure from private educational sector. The partnering can be done with the willing private schools, however; the main focus will remain on bringing innovative teaching and learning practices in kindergarten. The theories will help in gaining deep understanding of addition of innovation in educational system and assume it as a product to be marketed. The team-based approach is mandatory to work in big social groups.

The Procedure

The first step will be based on establishing SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, real and timely) objectives. This will help in drawing the requirements and the relevant criteria. The project is team-based projects that implies on hiring people with the presence of said requirements. The curriculum will also be changed yet not entirely by will have to have some new adjustments. The training has to be given to them that may last over weeks. There is field work as well that indicates the teams to visit schools. The participating schools will also have to send their list of teachers to be trained. Once they training is done, the teams will actually will have to keep the follow up with the school and collect regular feedback. The feedback from the schools, parents and even students will serve as a basis towards the making of further adjustments in the ...
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