Intelligence And Cognition

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Intelligence and Cognition

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Intelligence and Cognition

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Three traditional approaches that have guided effective thinking and laid basic foundation in the area of adult intelligence are primarily individual differences approach, biological approach and cognitive process approach.

Individual Differences Approach

The researchers and scholars advocating this approach have narrowed down the study of intelligence to individual differences, identifying it as the primary differential factor behind the varying intelligence quotients among people. This observes systematic method for the studying of individual differences and it is as a result of this that the traditional approach under consideration is of immense significance. In providing the premises for the development of model that could support the evolution of theory and measurement in synchronization, this approach has been associated with the emergence of psychometric tradition, thereby identifying intelligence as a measurable characteristic. General intelligence (g factor) and multiple factors are the two prime ways using which individual intelligence differences are highlighted in this psychometric approach.

Biological Approach

As evident in the name of this approach, the proponents of Biological Approach believes that it intelligence is synonymous to the power of the brain. Thus, as per this approach, to intercept the context of intelligence exactly and precisely, it is imperative to pinpoint the sitting place of intelligence which could then be used to explore the integration of intelligence in the way a brain operates. According to the researchers in the field who are in favor of this approach, this finding could help the maneuvering of human brains such that intelligence could be calibrated and the average intelligence quotients of human beings could be elevated. However, significant development has not been noticed in this arena. Rather, its other avenue which supports the view that intelligence is inherited and is related to genetics of oneself has gain significant importance ...
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