Intelligent Image Analysis And Environmental Monitoring

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Intelligent Image Analysis and Environmental Monitoring

Intelligent Image Analysis and Environmental Monitoring


The process of environmental monitoring has been known to play a significant role in the preservation of natural science and thus guarantees the efforts of corporations to augment the quality of environment. It specifically outlines the major requirements and activities to be conducted in order to optimize the process of environmental monitoring. The essence of environmental monitoring is to conduct preparation in the context of environmental impact assessments and is also known to carry a high degree of significance in situations that place a huge risk on the involvement of human activity.


The involvement of human activities has long been known to have potential harmful effects on the natural environment and thus this issue is considered quite significant in the context of performing environmental assessment. Contemporary environmentalists are increasingly concerned that the human involvement has contributed adversely to the current scenario in which significant reform efforts are required. The criteria of an environmental assessment require extensive analysis and thus currently environmentalists are looking to ascertain trends shaping the major environmental factors.

In all major cases of an environmental assessment, the environmentalists have an aim to successfully evaluate and review the results statistically. The pertinent design in the case of a monitoring framework must have appropriate alignment with the final utilization of data well in advance before the actual process of monitoring is initiated (Martínez-Carballo, González-Barreiro, Scharf, & Gans, 2007).

Research Design

In this research design, we use different monitoring and surveillance equipment for monitoring the environment of airport. According to the statistics, the rate of entering of terrorist from airports is decreasing in the US because of implementation of improved security plan.

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The implementation of this plan is a process of analysing the image in terms of electronic circuits and sensors which sense the image proposed in front of sensing mechanism. Sensors are used to detect the intrusion or sensing the problem in the environment. Intelligent image sensing includes a processor which process the information provided by sensor and transfer it to circuits which process the information by means of microcontroller and microprocessor. After processing the processors and controllers display the result on screen in terms of picture or image. The implementations of the surveillance system include IP cameras, colour and thermal sensing system, IP transmission networks and fibre optic cables as a medium of communication. The video images received from cameras are monitored by the security team in order to identify the abnormal activity in a certain region where intelligent image analysis (Collinet, Stöter, Bradshaw, Samusik, Rink, Kenski, & Zerial, 2010).

Original Scientific Question

The original scientific question which will be analyzed and investigated is to successfully ascertain the extent to which intelligent image analysis and environmental monitoring are aligned. The crux of our analysis would pertain to the role of sensors and scanners within the aspect of airport security as our aim is to conduct a specific process of intelligent image ...