Intercountry Adoption Is A Form Of Child Abduction/Child Saving

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Intercountry adoption is a form of child abduction/child saving

Intercountry adoption is a form of child abduction/child saving


Intercountry adoption is considered as the legal process of adopting a child born in a state by the citizens of a different country. The main purpose of adoption is to raise the child in other country to provide protection and safety through legal process. It has been observed that most of the intercountry adoptions take place in developing countries by people who live in developed nations.

The practice of intercountry adoption started when children living in armed conflict country were suffering from different violent behavior and actions of armed forces and other illegal authorities. These children were in need for protection and security and were facing many difficulties in politically unstable and poor countries (, 2012). Couples and individuals living in developed countries started adopting children from poor countries in order to provide protection and safety and raise them in a good peaceful environment.

Counter Arguments

Critics argued that intercountry adoption is the source of abusing poor nations by stealing and robbing their children. People in other countries state that they don't want poor children to expose to their own culture and ethnicity and involve them in more traumatic situation where they face emotional and psychological problems. They are being separated from their original parents and families and expose to new violent environment where children are not adopting positive behavior and peaceful environment. Critics also argue that the main purpose of inter country adoption is to take over the resources of developing local solutions in order to improve the lifestyle of majority of children living in developed nations (Smolin, 2005).

Intercountry adoption may lead to the increase in the practice of abusing children by abducting and trafficking of young children. Many big organizations have been established to act as a middleman between original parents and adoptive parents and named it as a legal contract but actually are involved in illegal documentation of adoption and other illegal actions including kidnapping of children and abusing them for making their own profits.

The practice of false documentation and illegal adoption process is becoming common these days. Birth parents sign the documents without reading or fully understand the legal terms and conditions and the rights of parents and child in hope that their child will be in safe hand and will be given best quality of life (Robin, 2012). This act leads to increasing kidnapping and illegality of adoption papers which gave rise to different criminal activities and child labor.

In this scenario, many children have been abandoned and deprived of basic necessity of life. They are living without their families and parents and living in orphanages with no education and financial support. According to the UNICEF, there were around 132 million orphans in the year 2005, out of which 13 million had lost their parents and majority of them are living with their relatives including grandparents or other relatives (, 2012).


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