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Intercultural Communications

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Culture is a representative of the mindset of the people who adhere to it religiously. According to Agger (2006), mostly culture is distinguished from religion but sometimes religion plays a vital role in designing the grand culture of the region. This paper aims to explore the various implications of Indian culture that makes it quite colorful and distinguishable among other cultures in the world. Hindus have their own culture that amplifies their presence in the world. There are other religions as well like Muslims, Christians, Parsi and so many other that also take part in the making up of the overall culture. India is democratic country and believes in the disposition of equal rights to all the living beings in the country. There are different celebrations that constitute the Indian culture including minority days too. It was a great experience as to learn about the culture being the part of it. I conducted many interviews with the Indians people and learn a variety of thoughts they have regarding their own cultural preferences. I visited places where most of the Indians lived and enjoyed parties with each other. The people have appreciable hospitality and they warmly welcome the strangers to spend time and learn about them. One more striking things that were noticed comprised of their mutual understanding among other religions and take part in their celebrations also. Out of number of religions in India Hindus have the most colorful and gratified kind of culture. Indian culture is extremely rich that bears a considerable impact on the individuals and cultures.


Cultural Experiences

It was Devali time for the Hindus and Eid festival for Muslims when I went to the junction of Indian community. It was the celebration of Lord Ram who defeated Evil Ravan in a grand battle. On this occasion, Hindus make an extensive sort of fireworks and wear new colorful dresses. The actual program starts in the evening with the fire crackers and greeting each other. The women were wearing really beautiful saris and holding 'Diya' that are the lit candles in pot. The women also make several dishes and exchange them with their neighbors even the non-Hindus also. There was another interesting that and it was the play that explained the entire story that how Lord Ram rescued his wife Sita from the abduction and confinement of Evil Ravan. I found it more like an educational program to transfer the knowledge to the next generation. The passion to watch the drama was indeed wonderful and great. One of the actors was a managing director at one most reputed corporate organization. I was shocked since he seemed quite involved in cultural representation. It was more like an honor for each of the actor to have a role in the short depiction. In the end all the people at food together and played games. I could find people from other religions who were equally enjoying. It is justifiable to state that Indians are very warm ...
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