International Management

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International Management

Name- Madhuri Khinvasara

Student ID- 12791285

Lecturer-Chris lewis

International Manager


This essay intends to describe the role of international manager and its characteristics, and how it relates and fits with my personality as being an international manager in the future. The study also attempts to evaluate my experiences and abilities which can be helpful in pursuing the study of international management. It would also contemplate the required skills and abilities in concordance with the international management perspectives (Jackson and Sorensen, 1999). The course of international management demands the skills of managing the business operations globally in more than one country (Held and McGrew, 2000). Furthermore, being an international manager requires the acquisition of multiple expertise and strategic approach in understanding the essentials of business and organizations in order to manage the change more efficiently and wisely at the international level. This course holds the immense significance as it develops the capacity to commence the independent business analysis with the aim to frame and seek out appropriate solutions of the complex and multifaceted business concerns and issues (Westney, 2005). In short, it enhances and polishes the overall capabilities which the person already has and even builds the relevant skills to be more effective and proficient in handling the business related apprehensions. The international management facilitates in acquiring the multiple benefits of internationalization which includes the efficiency, knowledge leverage, and responsiveness (George, 1995).

The international management course is suitable for the personnel who are ambitious and self motivated having the intrinsic impetus and thrust not only to become the business person at the local level but becoming the successful business entity at the international level. Studying the international management course not only makes the person capable and efficient at the management skills but it also makes him competent enough to understand the management within the global context (Faria and Guedes, 2005). The growing globalization has also shifted the paradigm of past criteria of managing and operating the business within the single territory (Parker, 2007). However, the recent trend of internationalization has aroused the need for the personnel to be able to operate the businesses globally through the effective intervention of free market ideology (Steffek, 2003). Therefore, the study would reflect how I feel, I can be an effective and efficient international management by explaining my experiences and skills which I acquired since now.


The global approach has become the new and contemporary trend among the large and giant companies since the 1980s where the companies are involved in thinking globally in manufacturing goods and delivering the services all around the globe (Ohmae, 1990). The concept of globalization has effectively promoted the growing partnership among organization which in turn emerged the need for the managers who can help the companies in operating their businesses and operations at the international level (Larry, 1994; Kirten, 2001). Hence, the international management is the concept of managing the business operations for an organization which commences its operations globally in more than one country (Pigorini, 2011). This is why, it requires more ...
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