International Relations

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International Relations

International Relations


International relations can be defined as the interaction among or between the states, or it can also be defined as the integration of global system. International relations can be recognize as multidisciplinary aspect of assembling together the global features of sociology, law, history, economics, and politics that focuses on the model of interaction and systemic structure of the human beings of the world as a whole. Foreign relations between the states provide mutual benefits to countries. It is also necessary to resolve conflicts, arises as a result of international relations because states need co-operation of other countries in their state level matters. International relation is global phenomenon and has greater importance among the states as compare to people.

States all over the world make necessary efforts for effective management of their international relations. International relations among countries can be healthy by developing policy programs for the implementation. International policy is also an important part of the Egypt's state policy. The key objective of the Egypt's foreign policy is to develop international relations policy in a way that it can attract foreign investments. International relations can also help technology transfers from one country to another. Another important goal of the Egypt's foreign policy is to maintain strong multilateral and bilateral relationships. Egypt is also strengthening its existing relationship and also building new relationships with the countries by revising its policy of international relations all over the world.

Countries are also facing worst effects of international relations because they have to maintain good relationship with other countries and sometimes it also becomes difficult to negotiate with other countries for resolving the conflicts. Egypt is also facing various conflicts with other countries of the world; it's facing conflicts with Iran, Israel, Sudan, Tanzania and Iraq. There are different reasons behind these conflicts and Egypt is putting all efforts to find out root cause of the conflicts.

Conflicts in Egypt

The political situation in Egypt has arises many conflicts because of the political instability in the Egypt. The political instability in Egypt arises after the president was overthrown in a popular movement. The Egypt shared his borders with Israel and recently Egypt's had faced many attacks in its border by the Israel at one of its territory, Sinai (Sabry, 2013). As a result of these attacks, 121 people died included 69 military officers and 321 injured people including 192 military officers. The North part of Sinai is also known as the battle field between the Israel and Egypt.

The Egyptian government has recently faced a kidnapping of seven military officers and it is a very important issue for the Egyptian government because they are still unable to find the reasons that have killed these military people (Sabry, 2013).

Root cause of the conflict

The main root cause of the Sinai's conflict has been identified and it is stated that President Mohammad Mursi was unable to tackle the underdevelopment in the region which has brought revolution in the territory (Sabry, 2013, ...
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