Internet Censorship

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Internet Censorship


This research paper represents the concepts about the Internet Censorship, why internet has to be censored in several countries? And which countries have blocked certain sites and why? This research paper especially focus China's Internet censorship because, China has the oldest history of Internet Censorship. Moreover, this research paper provides detailed information about Internet Censorship in America and, Europe.




Areas where attaches Internet censorship4

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Internet Censorship in China6

Internet Censorship in Saudi Arabia6

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Internet Censorship


Internet censorship includes various methods of states or non-state groups designated, which aims the publication of certain content over the Internet to control, suppress or control in their own sense. Especially, news and expressions of opinion that are affected in some states and blocked are due to websites with erotic or religious content. Internet censorship is not different in principle from the censorship of other media. The fact that data on the Internet easily transferred, there is a high degree of complexity of legal issues as conflicts between legal systems cannot be solved. Governments and state agencies may hold by disabling or otherwise sanctioning of Web pages that are located in their jurisdiction, and the citizens of other states of this information, but they can prevent not that citizens gain access to illegal information that lie abroad.


The concept of censorship is limited to the control of the media, or in the personal exchange of information communicated content. Internet censorship or Censorship is in principle is not the normal censorship, but refers specifically to the various methods of states, organizations and individuals who try to control the publication of certain content over the internetwork and stop, if necessary control meaning. It is also to measures that undermine the right to freedom of expression.

The OpenNet Initiative organization has conducted an investigation into the situation of Internet censorship in the world, yielding interesting results that are reflected in a map. It reveals how the regions where there are fewer obstacles and Latin America, Africa, while Europe and the U.S. are major limitations (OpenNet Initiative, 2005). OpenNet Initiative has developed a map of online censorship in the world, which displays the results of an analysis of the overall situation of the web. On one side are countries where major limitations to the use of Internet, is well known by the public, such as China, Saudi Arabia, Iran or Egypt (OpenNet Initiative, 2005).

Areas where attaches Internet censorship

Internet Service Provider (ISP) including, ISPs that are state or private companies offering Internet services for government agencies, and it is the easiest method to instruct the ISP to filter certain Internet addresses (domains) or to block, and make their content inaccessible. These manipulations can be circumvented by some experienced users with relatively little effort.

A technically more challenging, but more efficient method is to filter out individual pages and texts that contain certain words censored e.g. human rights, freedom etc.

Literature Review

Censorship is the act of preventing a person, organization or media to ...
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