Internship At Clarke's

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Internship at Clarke's

Internship at Clarke's


This paper gives the reader an idea regarding the experience that the author experienced while having internship at the Yvette D. Clarke's office. The purpose of going for the internship was to look for better opportunities in the political field because working in the office of Clarke gave the author huge experience.

Yvette D. Clarke is basically a U.S. representative whose roots firmly planted in the Jamaican heritage but presently known as a Brooklyn native. The office of Clarke is known for various purposes. The office helps the people in terms of their social security, Medicare, small business administration programs and federal regulation interpretation. Similarly, the office has departments for the student support as well, for example, Clarke's office has department form educational financial aid for students, applying for the U.S. passport, and for jobs and benefits.

The experience of working at Clarke's office cannot be explained in words because the environment and the atmosphere were so much professional that there is so much for learning. During the internship program, the author worked in different departments and realized that the real happiness is behind the scenes where you help others (Clarke, 2012).

The experience of internship was the remarkable learning experience because during the program, the author worked with one of the finest team with all professional expertise. The author witnessed that hard work and dedication is the key to success, the employees were so much professional that it was difficult for the author to believe that whether anyone can be so professional.

As the duration of the program ended, the author was of the view that politics will be right choice to move on and the Clarke's office will be the right choice to work with. However, the author hasn't decided yet what field to select but the plan for joining politics was almost confirms. The author believed that politics is a Nobel profession, which can change the life style of the people if the politician sincere with it.

CUNY is basically a series of program that is actually a 60 minute on-air program whose main motto is to discuss the governmental issues by inviting scholars/guests from different modes of life and who had an in-depth knowledge about the happenings. The audience attending this program basically the students who are part of the CUNY internship program in New York Government and Politics. The host named ...