Interview Doctoral Researctheirs

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Interview Doctoral Researctheirs

Interview Doctoral Researchers


The main purpose of this paper is to carry out an interview analysis of the Respondents who have successfully completed their doctoral programs. The central idea of this paper is to present a profound and thorough analysis of interview questions and offer a comparison of experiences, which the two Respondents have gained so far. Main stress would be place on three major ideas, which takes account of: challenges face by the two Respondents, specific recommendations and what most assisted the respondents in the completion of their dissertation.


Interview Analysis

Answers Analysis to Question 1

Both Respondents were good friends and have been working together and have successfully completed their PhD in counseling education, from the University of California, LA.

Answers Analysis to Question 2

Both Respondents preferred to conduct research in this area of consultancy as they developed an interest and awareness in the student learning outcomes and evaluations. Moreover, Respondents have practical exposure and experience of working with the research team that employed multi- institutional facts and figures with reference to the living-learning module of study.

Answers Analysis to Question 3 & 4

This proved to be a great support and assistance for the respondents in completion of their thesis. In view of the fact that, student learning and evaluations is a major focus of these curriculums. This helped Respondents most in getting access to data and exposure to extensive subject matter concerning their dissertation topic (Lehman, 2002).

Answers Analysis to Question 5

Learning to handle commercial statistical analysis software by taking classes and experiments helped both doctors in completing their dissertation. Moreover, both respondents Factors that smooth the progress of thesis completion of Respondents were that a good working association with one of the mentors and the option of great access to wide-ranging knowledge from diverse mediums.

For example: accurate usage of statistical analysis tool, to run the data on SPSS model. Respondents consulted other members of the committee in dealing with the issues of modeling and missing data. These were some of the constructive features of thesis activity. All proved to be helpful and assisted Respondents in their thesis project. Respondents felt easy in terms of data collection and did not get in to the hassle of carrying out surveys and opinion polls from the participants of the study. This was the easiest task for their in the entire project.

Answers Analysis to Question 6

Apart from the easy part, it was clear from the Respondents reaction that next move on this thesis journey was quite difficult and posed significant challenge. The most difficulty and demanding aspect for the Respondents research was when their original dissertation chair man left the institution. This took ample time to get things back to normal and added around one complete year in the completion of their doctoral program. There were some political features involved in this matter and this took great period to get it resolve. Respondents felt disappointed while talking about the challenges and pressures, when they came across with these matters (Schlosser, ...