Introduction To Law

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Introduction to Law

Introduction to Law

Question 1

Introduction to the Situation

The situation is based on the termination of a contract by a consumer, and as a consequence the consumer was asked to pay the remaining amount. Wilson, a stage act producer, signed a contract and agreed to rent a multi-purpose stadium, Mega Complex for his musical show. However, the contract which was produced by the manager of the complex, Mr. Baldwin, did not include detailed requirement and was only limited to the payment. It was a standard hire or rental agreement, and the payment as decided by both in the contract, included a $100k rent per day. Likewise, the contract of $500k was signed which included a 50 percent advanced payment of $250k. Wilson however paid the amount prior to the show. The manager assured verbally about the proper arrangements and maintenance of the equipments. However, on the first day of the show, the violation of terms appeared from the manager`s side, when the drinks fall short, and the manager didn`t supplied as many drinks it was in agreement.

However, Mr. Baldwin accepted his mistake and Wilson accepted on the basis of no further occurrence of such a mistake. Later, another incident occurred which caused a delay in the show. The crane that to support the ape, a part of an afall and caused a panic in the crowd. Investigations were done, and the cause of this malfunctioning was its improper maintenance. Despite of that, the show somehow continued until the end. Wilson, however, cancelled the contract just before the show was at its climax. Later, Wilson was served with a bill of his remaining payment and a copy of the contract which was signed with the management of Complex.

Terms and Conditions of Hire Contract Agreement

According to a standard hire contract, number of terms and conditions are listed, which both, tenant and the owner, agree upon. However, only the relevant conditions are listed below:

Use of premises and conditions

The user can use the complex for organizing ___________________ and all the related activities related to the event on dated ______________ and for no other reasons.

User has inspected the Premises and agrees with the amount of space provided is sufficient and capable to hold and accommodate the event stated in this contract.

User agrees on accommodating any damage and repairs which results for the use of the Complex.

User Fees. For the use of the premises, the tenant will pay the management of the Complex with following sum of money.

User agrees upon paying a sum of ____________ per day for _________ days. The cost will include the following fees.

The rental fees for hiring the premises.

The rent for all the equipments present in the Premises.

Security and surveillance equipments and labour.

Utilities such as electricity, lighting, drainage and water.

Damage and maintenance cost.

Payment conditions and terms

The user and the management agrees on following criteria:

User will pay 50% of the total payment $________, prior to the event, as a deposit, as an execution of this contract.

User will pay the remaining 50% of ...