Is Using An Encryption System Like Pgp A Good Idea For Individuals And Organizations? Why?

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Is Using an Encryption System like PGP a Good Idea for Individuals and Organizations? Why?

Is using an encryption system like PGP a good idea for individuals and organizations? Why?


People with criminal minds are now intelligent enough to design malicious software to easily damage and decrypt some one's personal data. This has made computer security extremely important. To get associated with most trusted security sites and developing best tools for security is not only to protect all the data and information but it also provides peace of mind that data is secured and protected from any hacker. In order to assure a resilient and trusted communications and information infrastructure, it is highly significant to secure the computer networks. These are implemented via technology (Schneier, 2012).

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) refers to a data encryption and decryption computer program which helps in providing cryptographic authentication and privacy for data communication. PGP is often used for signing, encrypting and decrypting files, e-mails, texts, directories and whole disk partitions in order to ensure the security measures of e-mail communications (Schneier, 2012).


Security Protocols

Security protocols are based on the characteristics like secrecy and integrity. Some of the basic examples of such protocols are those which help in establishing that communication channels with confidentiality and authenticity properties or it can be said that communications and words that protect the secrecy and integrity of the data sent between the intended protocols participants. One of the security protocols is cryptography (Perlman, 2004).

Cryptography and its Role in Network Security

It is the name given to science which is based on secret code writing in an ancient art. Innovative forms of cryptography introduced after the development of computer communications. When communication is carried over any untrusted medium such as internet then cryptography is necessarily required. It not only helps in protecting ...