Islamic Banking And Crisis

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Islamic Banking and Crisis



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Background of the Study1


Purpose of the Study1

Aims of the Research Study1

Objectives of the research study2

Rationale of the Study2

Research Questions2

Research Hypotheses:2


Islamic Conceptions4

Islamic Banking4

Islamic Banking System5

Global Economic and Financial Crisis6

Crisis and Islamic Banks7



Background of the Study

Financial crisis has become the most significant issue for the banking sector in the modern era, as recent financial crisis has changed the entire situation of the banking sector. However, the emergence of Islamic banking has diluted the impact of financial crises as the Islamic banking system all over the world is not being immensely affected by the financial crisis, that makes the policy markers to rethink on their banking system and they also have started to promote Islamic banking system. The research study is based on the system of Islamic banking. In today's world, the researchers and scholars are taking great interest in the Islamic banking because there is huge difference between the Islamic and Conventional banking systems.

As the Islamic banking has introduced new accounting and finance systems to the banking industry, the credit risk can be raised to a significant level. In the Islamic banking, the concept of interest free banking is of prime importance that reduces the level of profits for the banking sector. However, this system of interest free banking has been introduced in order to avoid the credit risk in the financial markets.


Financial intermediaries facilitate the investors to provide finance according to their requirements by considering the risks and returns attached to different ...
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