Istat Blood Gas Analyser

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ISTAT blood gas analyser

ISTAT blood gas analyser


The ISTAT is a blood gas analyzer and electrolytes portable, lightweight, battery operation and AC that works anywhere. All existing gas meters operate with reactive fluids, hoses, and electrodes. This makes the need for pumps and valves, electrodes and membranes, among others, which requires weekly maintenance, monthly and quarterly expensive and time-consuming. The ISTAT requires absolutely none of the above because it works optically. The ISTAT is designed for low volume workloads. In places where low volumes of blood samples processed not only great in terms of productivity, but also in terms of costs, since at low volumes is much cheaper than a conventional gas meter. Not recommended for high-volume workload. This gas tank is under the Bio fluorescence optical technique, which makes optical measurement not required reagents, and maintenance free. The blood never touches any part of the instrument. The main consumable cassette is a disposable single-use, requires no refrigeration.


The blood gas analyzer and electrolytes is a portable instrument that measures and displays gas and electrolyte parameters of patients by taking a blood sample. The device works by Bio fluorescence technique, i.e.| a beam of light that excites the molecules and these, returning to their basal state, they emit light. This release of energy measured by the ISTAT, so that the blood sample never comes in contact with the team. The blood sample introduced into a disposable cassette single application that allows the team to measure the sample without contact each other. This prevents almost any instrument maintenance. Gas machine

The blood gas analysis involves directly measuring the machine made of pH, PO2 and PCO2, from these measurements can be mathematically calculated parameters such as bicarbonate, base excess and deficit, the standard base excess, oxygen saturation, total oxygen ...
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