IT Project Success and Project Management Approaches

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IT Project Success and Project Management Approaches

IT Project Success and Project Management Approaches


The purpose of this paper is to explore different techniques as well as the approaches of project management. In the current era of technological development large number of organizations and businesses are focusing on the implementation of project management approaches and techniques. It is because of the reason that, these technologies may greatly help them in ensuring the success, integrity and integrity of their projects. Therefore, the main purpose of the project management is to achieve or attain all the pre defined objectives or goals of the project, while considering and solving all possible limitations or challenges of the project. Recent studies and researches demonstrate that, the approaches or techniques of project management focuses on some of the major features of any project (Thummadi,, 2011, pp. 207-222). These projects may include budget, quality, time as well as the scope of the project. Furthermore, project management techniques may also enable the project managers or the concerned authorities to ensure the customer satisfaction. This study discusses some of the approaches or methods of project management. These techniques may include agile project management, waterfall project management as well as the risk management. In the current era, all these techniques are giving unbeatable performances in the field of IT projects. This study describes the main idea of these approaches. Moreover, some more innovative and advanced project management techniques are also incorporated in this research.

What is Project Management?

In the field of IT projects, an approach of project management is considered as the discipline of controlling, managing, encouraging, organizing and planning all the resources of the project, in order to attain the predefined goals and objectives. A project is referred as a temporary venture. It is often observed that, the main objective of any project is to develop unique service or product. In this scenario, it is necessary for the project managers to introduce and implement appropriate project management strategies, in order to gain their desired and predetermined products or services. Therefore, project management is one of the most effective and efficient practices, which may greatly help the project managers or organizations to get their desired targets while meeting the demands or needs of their customers. In addition to this, it is also observed that, appropriate and effective project management practices may enable the organizations and businesses to enhance and improve the delivery of their services. It is discussed in the proceeding paper, that how the approaches of project management may help organizations in enhancing and improving the performance of their IT projects (Summers, 2011, pp. 11-13).

Role of Project Management Approaches in Enhancing the Performance of IT Projects

Recent studies and case studies shows that, appropriate and efficient approaches or techniques of project management may greatly help the organizations and businesses in enhancing and improving the performance as well as the integrity of their IT projects. It is because of the reason that, these techniques allows the organizations ...
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