Job Offer Negotiation

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Job Offer Negotiation

Job Offer Negotiation


Robust Rousters (RR) is a technologically driven company which has offered a job to an MBA student who is nearly graduating. This organization was set up by the university business graduates who had helped their university to make better machine in the computer labs for making a better local area network (LAN). The company has got a huge clientele dealing with around 75 countries by providing them various services. These services include designing, developing and manufacturing networks to connect various computing environment, LAN and wide area network (WAN). It is a public limited company and is connected to its clients through direct sales force, value added resellers distributors and system integrators. The company has segmented its market into three categories; enterprise, service providers and small/medium businesses.

Job offer by Robust Routers

RR has offered Joe Tech a position of associate product manager with a salary of $88000 annually which would be paid monthly. Moreover, it has also offered a $15000 signing bonus which would be paid within 30 days of signing. Apart from this, Joe Tech would also be given 1000 stock points which would equate to the per share price at the date of joining. Joe would also be eligible for 500 grants in the initial year depending on his performance and activeness. There would even be a comprehensive benefit plan provided to Joe including health insurance, life insurance, long term disability coverage and an immediate enrolment in the retirement plan. Sick leaves, vacation leaves and holiday leaves are also a part of the benefit plan provided by the company to Joe. At the time of relocation, Joe would be given a cash amount of $5000 to defray his expenses while moving to the Silicon Valley (the relocated place). RR is a big firm and is interested in making Joe a part of their organization (Curhan, Elfenbein, & Kilduff, 2009).

Disagreement and negotiation reason

When I went through the offer given to me by RR, I went through the case very closely examining the alternatives and compared both of them. I noted down what for me were the major issues related to RR. I listed down the positive and the negative issues associated with the case. The reason why I tool time and examined the case was that it provided me with an opportunity to negotiate and most importantly focus on the goals which were important. Following are the list of issues which I extracted from the job offer provided. There is an opportunity cost involved in offer RR has provided (Job offer negotiation, 2012).


I, Joe Tech had been offered a position of an associate product manager while I had always been interested in business development group. Being a fresh MBA graduate, I have my own expertise and interests. There are competitors of Routers in the market and I am sure that if I apply in any of those organizations, I would be offered a position of my choice because of the fact that I have been ...