Joseph Cambell

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Joseph Cambell

Joseph Cambell


Joseph Cambell the renowned scholar of mythology as his work was popular in the literary works. The most popular mythological works of Joseph Cambell were The Hero with a Thousand Faces, The Masks of God and Myths to Live By. Joseph Cambell was known as the mythologists, speaker, anthropologists and American professor. He works related to the comparative mythology in the filed of literature (Campbell, 1997). He was the renowned mythologists of the 20th Century and he was popular with his first book, The Hero with a Thousand faces (1948). He has identified the mythological involvement in the life of the individual, its impact upon their culture and its impact upon society.


Comparative Work of Joseph Cambell Mythology

The Comparative Work of Joseph Cambell was regarding the Mythology and religion as he lived in the Native American culture as a child. He has worked on the literary works and the legend of the mythical studies. He has searched for the possibilities of consciousness and imagination that exists in the life of human beings (Campbell, 2012). In the literate worked he has focused on the philosophical aspects and related it worth the literature. Is the childhood he has focused on the mythological experiences of life. He was immersed by the rich traditions, rituals and the symbolism. He was obsessed with the primitive rituals and his work base doesn't him individual direct life experiences. The comparative work regarding the mythologies of the individual while leading a life as the role of consciousness is highly important. However there were imaginary world and the symbolic meanings of the imaginary world is portrayed in the Mythology of Joseph Cambell.

The Concept and Views of Mythology

The concepts and views regarding the Joseph Cambell Mythologies deals with the reconciliations of the conscious world, concept of ...