King's Candy Crush

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King's Candy Crush

King's Candy Crush


King is the team behind the Candy Crush. The game has been an instant success when it was introduced on facebook and became more successful when the users could dowmload it on their mobile phones. The game is free but more lives can be bought to continue advancing in the game which is the main source of revenue for the game. This assignment is focused on analyzing an article on Candy Crush through the use of different marketing concepts.


Summary of the Article

The candy crush saga is a very simple game that is regarded as one of the top five downloaded games in the world. It has more than 44 million active users. It has more users than pinterest, spotify and Farmville. The cartoonish characters of the game has helped the firm to earn almost 387000 pounds er day and have also directed the company towards the float of stock market.

However, the chief executive and the co-founder of the company has more common characteristics with the office managers as compared to the creative and young stereotypical qualities of a start up boss. The company has not been successful in an nigh. It was formed ten years ago in 2003 when it developed gambling games for MSN and Yahoo.

The starting of the facebook age developed a reduction in the growth of the company. In 2011, it moved to facebook with candy crush and on the mobile a year afer when the potential was seen in both. From then onwards, the growth of the company has been very good. The game developed fro mobile and facebook was regareded as a success by the owners of the firm as it was successful on their site. The longevity of the company shows that it has many games on the website which is used as a testing ground.

The company has introduces almost 8 games in facebook and three on the mobile phones. The key to their games is simplicity. The biggest hit among all these games in Candy Crush as it begins as being very easy and with time it gets more complicated.

This game is easy to learn but is difficult to master. Every level is formulated to consume the maximum of three minutes. The game does not require a lot of time to play. The other reason for the success of the game is that it can be synchronized ...