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King Lear

King Lear


The tragedy of "King Lear" was written during a time of artistic maturity of the great dramatist, in close proximity to the "Hamlet" "Othello," "Macbeth." "King Lear" - certainly one of the most profound and magnificent works of Shakespeare. In the early 90s of the XVI century some of the English dramatists, whose name remained unknown, wrote and directed a play about King Lear. This product was pale, suffused with the spirit of Christian nravouchitelstva, along with several renderings of the legend, was the great playwright to the material from which he borrowed the general outlines of the plot. However, between these sources and the tragedy of Shakespeare there is a profound difference . Once again, remember that Shakespeare wrote "King Lear" in 1605 - at a time when the tragic beginning of his work was manifested in its entirety.


Between 1603 and 1606 William Shakespeare, arguably the most brilliant playwright and poet in literary history, comprised King Lear. The play incorporates countless themes and motifs, but one of the most profound aspects of the play is its treatment of family life. Raising convoluting questions, King Lear is a multifaceted glimpse of the complexity and humanity of interpersonal relationships within the family. Shakespeare introduces his audience to a complex character who is conflicted with a complex conundrum of balancing his role as a father with his tidal role as a king. The theme runs parallel to numerous other literary masterpieces: the story of Joseph and the accounts of Cain and Able (The Book of Genesis) and John Steinbeck's characters Cal and Aaron Trask (East of Eden). Her refusing to partake in the contest demonstrates her purity and sincere love for her father. Lear is repulsed by her answer and banishes her from the kingdom. Despite Lear's decision to banish Cordelia, Regan and Goneril remain bitter. Refusing to forgive Lear's favoritism of Cordelia motivates evil actions in her sisters.

King Lear, William Shakespeare's tragic play, revolves around the thought that individual's characteristics determine his or her fate. King Lear provides a connection of a complicated plot and complex character relationships, base on a common idea that destiny and fate are the dominant forces in the universe and, thus, the dominant force in an individual. Throughout the play, King Lear is put in the situations of having to make difficult decisions as he tries to deal with forces and situations that are beyond his control . Through a thorough analysis Lear's character in King Lear, it is revealed that the play is forced towards the catastrophic conclusion due to King Lear's blindness, vanity and his egotism. Lear's life is centered on destiny as he constantly tries to control his fate.

The quote, “character is destiny,” means that the characteristics of a person will pave the path for future events in his or her life. For King Lear, Pride is the tragic flaw that eventually leads him down fate's predetermined path of self-destruction. Lear reacts with hostility whenever his pride is ...
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