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Case Analysis

Case Analysis


The role of workers compensation has been known to be a significant factor in the case under analysis. First of all the parties to the case must be made aware of the intricacies in the case of workers compensation as well as the legal authorities in unsafe working conditions. Unsafe working conditions lead to severe consequences for the employee as the use of machines and other types of equipments might lead to a severe loss of life.

There is a huge role of the assessment of actual working conditions for ascertaining the manner in which the legal issue is to be dealt with. The parties to the case must be aware of the implications associated with both the workers compensation act as well as the unsafe working conditions. Mathew has been able to obtain the workers compensation and as a result he is now looking forward to sue the owner for unsafe working conditions. The aim of this paper is to present the ramifications associated with the different legal authorities as evident in the case of workers compensation and unsafe working conditions (Landsbergis, 2010, pp. 95-103).


If you have suffered an injury or illness at work, there will often be a matter of occupational injury. Employers are required to take out insurance for workers' compensation, cf. Act on Workers' Compensation. Compensation for workers' compensation is based on the same system as the traffic injury victims can claim compensation directly from the employer's insurance company without going through the employer or the perpetrator. The liability is strict, so that workers' compensation claims do not assume that someone is at fault. Moreover, occupational trigger various rights above. (Magalhaes, Carrasco, & Gastaldo, 2010, pp. 132-150).

There are several replacement items for the financial losses that are appropriate and permanent injury. Since injuries are complex, it is also true that the responsible insurance covers the injured person's employment attorney. You may want to consult your attorney early in the process so that you get notified the damage in time and get aid to a proper settlement of claims above the insurance company.

The employee shall not be liable for occupational accidents and diseases are natural. The preparatory work describes the considerations behind the law with justice point of view of the employees' assumes a special and necessary risk to employers and the public interest. If this risk results in injury, economic loss is seen as an element to be borne by the employer.

Coverage on objective grounds is also important to prevent conflicts in the workplace. Reciprocal accusations about who is to blame for an injury may have an adverse impact on the working environment and thus on productivity. Thirdly, the legislation on compensation on an objective basis by occupational promote equality. Finally, these provisions are designed with the aim of preventing harm (Harpwood, 2008, pp. 80-100).

Workers Compensation Act

Compensation Act no. 1 that “law applies to bodily injury inflicted employees of employers in this ...
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