Aspect of Contract and Negligence for Business

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Aspect of Contract and Negligence for Business

Aspect of Contract and Negligence for Business

The concept of civil liability established by our legislation means that any person who has suffered damage to his health or property by reason of the fault or negligence of another person, you have right to obtain compensation for the same. This, applied to the field of labour, mean that if your company with fault or negligence, no facilities in the most appropriate safety measures and prevention of risks, and because of this failure you suffered an accident or illness (imagine that, for not giving adequate protection over the years you developed cancer) will be entitled to get compensation for its part. A person or organization, including your company has a duty to act with reasonable care in regard the safety of others. But, logically, is not the same for every person and every situation (MacDonald, 2013).

The level of diligence or "average" care speaks of care often speaks of it as a good parent would provide their partners and their children. It is a duty "to mean" diligence, and that all must respect in our daily lives. If carelessly throw a rock into the air and it hits the moon of a car, causing a crash, you have to respect that acted without due care and therefore must compensate for the damage caused both material and personnel.

It is especially used this concept of "media" diligence in the field of road safety , since we all have the duty to conduct an adequate degree of caution, and any kind of recklessness involves skip that duty, with the consequences that this may involve (including a possible or Foul Crime Against Road Safety)

The level of care or "qualified" or "enhanced" care to the professionals, and your company, they are required increased level of care, which is a function of the activities normally carried. For example, a doctor would be required in their actions the duty of care of a good doctor, for example not taking unnecessary risks in interventions, using the safest known techniques or paying particular attention to diagnosing problems (Levy, 2013).

Your Company, meanwhile, has the duty to its employees to ensure a safe working environment, so that tasks can be carried out without taking unnecessary risks. This obligation is set out in the Law on Prevention of Occupational Risks and is a qualified obligation , since it requires detailed evaluates its facilities and equipment and put appropriate measures in accordance with existing technological advances. Any accident that occurs for not giving these safe at work because of the fault or negligence of the Company at the time of its obligation to comply with risk prevention could be claimed.

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