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Research Papers on Criminal Law

Research paper writing requires extensive review of the previous literature. Especially criminal law research papers can be very difficult considering the secondary research from all the research journals that need to be studied. In order to make it convenient, this section of Researchomatic has an extensive library of criminal law research papers for writing their literature review.

Mandatory Minimum Sentences And The Impact On Women
Mandatory Minimum Sentences and the Impact on Women CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION This chapter of the research tends to develop an understanding and identify the reasons for conducting a research onto the identified topic. However, in the context of this paper this chapter would inculcate the notions relating to the mandatory minimum ...
Ethical Perspective Of Torture
Ethical Perspective of Torture Ethical Perspective of Torture Introduction As the primary definition explains, torture is the international infliction of horrible and extreme physical suffering on a non-consenting, helpless, person for breaking their will and faith in some cases. Torture includes practices like searing with hot iron, electric shock treatment to the genitals, ...
Exclusionary Rule
EXCLUSIONARY RULE Good Faith exceptions to the Exclusionary rule Good Faith exceptions to the Exclusionary rule Introduction In the United States, the rule of exclusion of illegal evidence (Exclusionary rule) has no express recognition in the Constitution. It has been object created by the Supreme Court's jurisprudence by joining IV and V of ...
Criminal Law: Appellate Brief
CRIMINAL LAW: APPELLATE BRIEF [NAME OF THE INSTITUTE] [COURSE CODE] APPELLATE BRIEF The purpose of appellate brief in this legal case is to provide a guideline for the court to take legal decision with respect to the appellant as per the correct facts provide by the legal advisor of an individual who is ...
Juvenile Justice And Delinquency Prevention
JUVENILE JUSTICE AND DELINQUENCY PREVENTION Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Introduction Due to a variety of causes and influenced by many factors, youth violence has negative consequences for all those involved, both for the victims and for the perpetrators. The objective Primary Program is therefore, to improve ...
Financial Statement Fraud
Financial Statement Fraud Financial Statement Fraud Introduction Earnings manipulation and financial reporting frauds have gained widespread attention in recent years. Considering the recent state of the global economy and the declining shares of corporations, several businesses have been charged with financial statement fraud. No industry can claim immunity to fraudulent activity and a ...
Theories Of Crime Causation
Theories of Crime Causation Theories of Crime Causation Introduction This paper focuses on the topic relating to the crime causation, in which we have discussed the theories regarding the topic with the similarities and differentiation. The crime causation is a set of negative socio-economic, demographic, ideological, social, psychological, political organizational and management ...
Police Pressure And Police Coercion
Police Pressure and Police Coercion Police Pressure and Police Coercion Question 1 Coercive questioning is at the present an active issue. At one occasion, coercive questioning played a function only in theoretical conflicts concerning consequentialism, in which researchers claimed or denied that the law enforcement could cross-examine an individual sequentially to take ...
Constitutional Criminal Procedures
Constitutional Criminal Procedures Table of Contents Constitutional Criminal Procedures1 Introduction1 Changes To "Traditional" 4th Amendment Procedures2 Rationale behind the Changes-'Constitutional' or 'Unconstitutional'3 Current Trend Regarding 4th Amendment Procedures4 References6 Constitutional Criminal Procedures Introduction The paper discusses the significant changes in the 4th Amendment after the post 9 11 event. The content also covers the Patriotic Act along with the changes ...
Three-Strike Laws
THREE-STRIKE LAWS Three-Strike Laws Three-Strike Laws Introduction Laws of three errors (Three Strikes Laws, also known as the "three laws of crimes") - legislation, adopted at the level of states in the United States , under which courts should impose the state of those who committed three serious offenses , to long-term ...
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