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Research Papers on Real Estate Law

Writing a research paper on a real estate law topic can be hectic and difficult. This is because the research required for writing a paper takes time. To assist students, this section of Researchomatic provides them with real estate law research papers. Students can conveniently use this section to find past research papers to gather secondary data and inspiration for their paper.

Real Estate Investment Trust
MARKETING/MANAGEMENT Real Estate Investment Trust (REITS) and Their Role in the Market Real Estate Investment Trust (REITS) and their Role in the Market CHAPTER NO. 2 2.1 Theoretical Framework Real Estate Investment Trusts or more commonly known as REITs is one of the investment tools that is renowned for the nature of low ...
Parallel Imports And Principle Of Exhaustion
Parallel Imports and Principle of Exhaustion Abstract The principle of exhaustion has helped to limit the control that the owner of the trademark has on the product. This has enabled the removal of monopoly that the trademark owner had over the product and its distribution. The principle of exhaustion is very closely ...
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