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Research Papers on Tax Law

Law students specifically the ones opting for tax law as an elective will write a research paper on tax law at least once in their educational tenure. This research paper will require extensive secondary research from past literature related to tax and tax law topics. To make it convenient for these students, this section of Researchomatic provides its consumers with updated and quality tax law research papers.

TAX Tax Law TO: Manager FROM: ABC Subject: Whitney and Ed Tax treatment on Auction of Declaration of Independence year 2012 Facts of the Case In this case, Whitney and Ed North used to collect Antique garages from the sales and flea markets. During 2010, they purchased a very old desk for $600. The condition ...
Tax Memorandum
TAX MEMORANDUM Table of Contents TAX RESEARCH MEMORANDUM ISSUE # 13 From3 Subject3 Facts3 Issue3 Short Answer3 Analysis3 TAX RESEARCH MEMORANDUM ISSUE # 24 From4 Subject4 Facts5 Issue5 Short answer5 Analysis5 PASSIVE LOSS LIMITATION RULES6 Introduction6 Discussion7 Active v/s Passive Losses7 Oil and Gas Ventures7 Passive Loss Limitations8 CONCLUSION8 REFERENCES10 Tax Memorandum Tax Research Memorandum Issue # 1 September 17, 2012 Tax Research Memorandum From Subject Peaceful Pastures Funeral Home Inc. (Peaceful) Facts Peaceful offer the services to its customers for ...
Tax Law And Charitable Contributions
Tax Law and Charitable Contributions Tax Law and Charitable Contributions Introduction This paper intends to explore the charitable contributions made my individuals and the IRS tax laws concerning such charitable activities. The major charitable contributions by individuals have been made by Lawrence J Ellison, A, Alfred Taubman, Jack C. Taylor and Conrad T ...
Tax Issues: Research Essay
Tax Issues: Research Essay Tax Issues: Research Essay Introduction This paper provides brief discussion about the written tax file memoranda. It talks about the issues under which third part or third partner may or may not be subjected to the taxation. On the other hand it also discuss about the compensation given to ...
Corporate Taxation
Corporate Taxation Corporate Taxation Introduction Taxes are compulsory payments to a government based on financial criteria that indicate capacity to pay. Tax payments differ from prices because they lack any connection to a specific purchase of a governmental good or service. Taxpayers do not contribute on the basis of their sense ...
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