Learning Through Experience

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Learning through Experience

Learning through Experience


The Article “Toward Learner-Centered Teaching: An Inductive Approach” written by Smart, K.L. & Witt, C. (2012) states that learning is gained and captured through the explained of the leaner in natural environment. Learning plays a vital role in capturing the student's ability in the classroom and the social environment (Powell et.al, 2009). In the field of Education Learning is depicted via social cognitions, students learn and adapt changes from the environment. The approach of the educationalists is different regarding the learning of the students as behaviorists were of the view that learning is due to adaption of environmental stimuli (Gredler, 2009).


Personal experience and environment had a major impact upon improving learning of the person. There are external influences that have a major impact upon the learning and developmental life stages. Students learn and adapt things form the social environment. Besides this the external personal experience enhance the learning capability of a person as when there is an innovative thoughts captures during the interaction with other person (Hinett, 2013).

Moreover there are principles that are helpful in improving the learning of the students that are adopted from the environment and due to the capability of the students the techniques are helpful in enhancing the learning of the students in the field of education. According to Vygotsky's in the developmental stages learning is affected by the environment, social interaction and cultural influence. These phenomenon's will be helpful in improving the learning and capability of the student in the field of education (Powell et.al, 2009).

Article Analysis

The article focuses on the principles that helpful in improving the learning of the person as there are certain factors that enhance and improves the learning capability in the students. The educational standards are reflected via learning theories and grabbed the view of the learners. The teachers experience is associated with the learner's capability to identify the supportive environment. It enhances and motivates the learner to improve the skills and their capabilities in the learning process. The learning environment helps the person in improving the capability and improves the skills of the person in the field of education (Smart et.al 2012).

Learning through Experience

While improving the learning of the person the learning environment should be supportive and motivated for the learners to improve the performance. The theories of learning also focused on the reinforcing as to improve the performance of the individual. The relationship between the teacher and student enhances the performance of the students in the classroom as there are individual needs that should be catered as to improve the performance of the individual. The positive relation between the student and the teacher is important in identifying the capability of the student. In learning environment students needs support and feedback on the part of teachers and peers (XiongyiLiu, 2010). The positive reinforcement in the learning process students get motivated and they are more prone towards adapting the learning from the environment. Students learned from the environment and adapt changes form the environment and learned ...
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