Legal Issues Of Social Media

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Legal issues of social media

Legal issues of social media

Components of a legally astute social media marketing manager

The four components attached to a legally astute social media manager are:

Knowledge of context specific law and the appropriate use of legal tools.

Judgment based on information when running legal businesses.

Practical approach to regulation.

Success oriented attitude based on importance of law.

Appropriate use of legal tools and law The manager is supposed to enhance the chances of achievable values for the legally astute management teams for initiating the rules provided by the law. There are certain tools to foster the broad application like the contracts. For any given business the effect of law on the reward or risk ratio is often not given the amount of concentration it should be given, but experienced managers should look into this and the application of these tools must be learnt according to their appropriate context. For the managers to be legally astute they should attain a degree of legal literacy.

Exercising Informed Judgment Legal rules cannot be applied formulaically that is why law is not science therefore the outcomes on legal basis might result dramatically. Often there is no clear pattern which might be used as a guide. This is why exercising informed judgment is required to deal effectively with the innate uncertainties having legal aspects.

Practical approach to regulation. When strategies are in the execution mode for the future developments, there are possibilities of legal opportunities and legal limitations, to counter such draw backs management teams are formed legally. To make the maximum out of the opportunities of innovation arising from deregulations or regulations, or in some cases to get saved from these regulations, a practical, proactive approach to regulations is followed. The action or the reaction given to these regulations is by the manager communication in context to the legalities, made clear by the managers looking after the legal status defined by the corporate law.

Attitude based on importance of law Legally astute management teams are responsible for recognizing the importance of law taking the firm to the road of success. It's important for astute managers to make their visibility on playing their roles according to the moral expectation and those values enforced by the law. The application of the law may be influenced by the managerial decisions of the astute management teams on moral and ethical considerations.

Methods of alternative dispute resolution

Alternate dispute resolution (ADR) means an online medium of resolving disputes occurring due to the business done online. Business organizations, governments and several consumer representative organizations conducted many different studies on dispute resolutions yet their recommendations were different, but still all of them are on the same ground. (E. Katsh and L. Wing 2006, p.26). All of these institutions showed their confidence on the below mentioned methods of alternate dispute resolution.

Types of online dispute resolution

Three main categories of ADR commonly known are:

a) Complaints assistance

b) Mediation

c) Arbitration

The types of ADR, all account for a third party who is responsible to assist these conflicting parties to achieve a resolution agreed ...