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Legal Systems and Skills

Legal Systems and Skills

Historical Background of the Cases

R v James; R v Karimi are two of the similar cases which appeared at the same in the court of appeal. As a matter of fact, both of the cases are complex as well as long; however, these were falling under the same category and were having the similar circumstances. In that, regard the historical background of these two cases is quite perplexed, the reason is that one totally evaluated under the Speech of Lord Hoff in Morgan Smith and other under the Lord Nicholls of Birkenhead in the A-G v Holley. One of the prime elements makes the background of these two cases similar is the notion of murder, which is considered as offence both under common law and the judicial law. As a matter of fact, murdering or killing someone is unlawful act and can result in the imprisonment of a few years as well as for the lifetime. Murder, however; has been a demonstration of provocation which is acknowledged to be a demonstration of defence. In the 19 century, there have been three components that have been distinguished in favour of common law offence which may incorporate that an provocation might just emerge when there is any demonstration of physical roughness, the demonstration of provocation must come about the litigant to lose his/her discretion and the demeanour of an provocation must be sensible enough to demonstrate the respondent in the same path as the hostile gathering.

In fact, there are many of the historical events that followed the similar case by the House of Lords in R v Camplin [1978] AC 705. However, the resemblance of the case is closer to the stimulation that depicts how a person can change his attitude and behaviour to frustration and caught up into the unethical act of murdering of another person. In that regard, the Lord Deplock opined that the intensity of stimulation of one is directly related to one's intention as well as attitude. He was the person who gave birth to the debate that erupted from the implication, which as executed over the mock reaction for a man who was reasonable. The major portion of the decision was based on the provocation of a person for the purpose of murdering other, however, this is the ground that both of the cases seems to hold and are analogous in he examples of the House of Lords in R v Smith 2001, 1 AC 146 and that of Privy Council in Attorney General for Jersey v Holley (2005) UKPC 23, 2 AC 580. This basically is the case which is directly linked to the criminal act that was the basis of the James and Karimi Case.

Facts and legal arguments

R v James Case

In the first case, i.e. R v James Case, there is a person with the name of James who murdered his own wife in the year 1979 by stabbing, hitting and suffocating her. As a matter of fact, he treated ...
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