Letter Writing

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Letter writing

Letter Writing

Mr. Dr. Hermogenes Villareal

President Asian Hospital and Medical Care Centre, Manila


Dear Mr. Hermogenes,

I hope this letter finds you in the best of health. I have been to Manila in the last summers and was very impressed to find that the industry of hospice care and medical facilities have greatly been improved in the country. The contributions of the Asian Hospital and Medical Care Centre in this improvement are greatly commendable. Therefore, I would like to assert my services for the Asian Hospital and Medical Care Centre as a vendor for the instruments and equipments that may be required.

Since our meeting, I have met Mr. George Di Vinci from the Manila's Health Institute who appreciated your centre for its valuable role in promoting healthcare in Manila and helped me in deciding your esteemed hospital for the delivery of our equipments. The motive here is to present cost-effective instruments that can aid your practitioners in their treatment of patients and result in a timely diagnosis and cure of each of the patients. Being an established company, we believe in not restricting our offering to developed nations only, and so we destine to achieve greater outreach in Asia. I believe Asian Hospital and Medical Care Centre will prove to be a milestone in the attainment of our goal. It was on the recommendation of Mr. George Di Vinci that I am writing in to you on a personal basis. I would like to approach you personally at your earliest convenience so that we may have a negotiation about the deal if you may show any interests.

In the context of introducing my company I would say that A.B Medical Vendors is a recognized company of San Francisco that deals in manufacturing medical instruments, aids and equipments that are readily used within the premise of a hospital. We are the pioneers in creating a cost-effective solution for a wide variety of medical care facilities at San Francisco. As part of our goal to reach out to developing countries, we target Asia to be the hub where improvements in healthcare and technological advancements in the healthcare sector are substantially required. Therefore, through your esteemed organization, we would like to reach out to patients who need us, in order to grant them their very right to live a healthy life.

I wish you well, much success and happiness in the future.

Respectfully yours,

Charles Minken

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Introduction to the Purpose of letter

This letter is written by Charles Minken, Managing Director sales and supports at A.B medical vendors that manufactures and supplies medical equipments and instruments to San Francisco (Headquarters of the company) and other developing countries. As part of the company's goal to enhance market outreach, the company wants to establish its presence in Asia. For this reason it destines to supply the products to Manila's Asian Hospital and Medical Care Centre. This written is addressed to the president of the medical centre in order to promote the company and establish an interest ...
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