Letters Of Recommendation

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Letters of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

For some people life is always a chance and challenge and as a professional soccer player it has always been a chance for me to look for challenges in the ground but after meeting ___________, I came to realize this fact that _________ is the person who faces real challenges in real life and do not wait for chances, “he takes chances”. I know him since he was recruited in the Swedish National Team and writing recommendation for him is really an excellent experience for me that it provides me a chance to again think about all those wonderful moments when he was in the team. He was one of those players who can make the history with their extraordinary performance but this does not matter for people like___________, they can make history in whichever field they are in. When he was fourteen he was selected in Swedish National Youth Team but a knee injury put a stop to his career in soccer. First it appears that it was the end of it but it was end of my wrong thinking about him. He started from where it ends for some people and faced the challenge of accepting his life as it leads him, he diverts his attention towards medical. This is something that I also noticed while he was in the team, his extraordinary knowledge about medicine and interest in this field was remarkable. Even he was happy with his injury that it provided him a chance to be in the hospital. It was the time when I first saw his real passion for the field of medicine.

This is why I am sure that if this is the field, he is still the person who can make the history.


Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern:

This letter is my personal recommendation for______________. As a Science teacher I have always felt personal attachment towards him, he is one of the students whom I can never forget. Writing recommendation for him is like writing my best wishes and prayers for his success in future life.

When he first entered in my class my first impression for him was that he is the one that can make me feel proud. He is a very bright student with excellent performance in labs and practical demonstrations. His interest in human body and keen ...
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