Life In Australian In 1965

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Life In Australian in 1965

Living In a Major Australian City In 1965

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Living In a Major Australian City In 1965


The Advent of the 20th Century brought with itself life changing advancements. The progress technology has made has radically changed the human lifestyle as we know it. The commercialization of cars and the advent of the cell phone which we take for granted nowadays were either completely missing or were a luxury that only a few could afford.

1965 in Australian City of Melbourne were humbler times. The cities were not un-formed or half finished in any way but they were still not the huge sprawling mass of skyscrapers and buildings as it is nowadays. Cars were there aplenty on the road but still not in the mass numbers as they are now.

Even the people were simpler and much socialists than they are now. In the modern world, the humans have an uncountable number of technological miracles to help make their lives better but there is one thing ironically which they are growing shorter and shorter of; Time. The 19th Century is often considered to be the best of all the human times, because then there were budding technological advancements but in a moderate number and people would also have time to live their lives. Unlike nowadays, the days are getting shorter and shorter.


Technology has not as advanced as it is nowadays. Mobile phones were indeed a dream at that time. To be able to talk to someone millions of miles away were understood via the radio or telephone but, to be able to do so with a wire seemed almost impossible. Touch technology and the PDA technology which is something that even the smallest child possesses nowadays is also something which was inconceivable.

Then the entertainment system was radically different. ...
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