Life's Biggest Question

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Life's Biggest Question

Life's Biggest Question

Answers to Chapter 1


Human beings are created by God in his image and therefore they are superior to any of his other creations. Due to this human being can feel superior to all other creatures and feel more close to God. In this way the relationship between God and human beings becomes much stronger.


Since the God has created human beings in his own image therefore, one should treat himself and others with utmost respect. In these scenario racisms, wars, eating disorders, government and education are all meaningless basis of differentiation. All such acts create differentiation of a single human with others and therefore, they do not have a ground for existence as all humans are made in the mind of God. Pornography too is an act of degradation and keeping mind the fact that God has created each and every one of us in his image and he glorifies in us as we delight him, but an act of degradation does not cause our Creator to be delighted.


To an extent human beings have neglected the wonder, dignity, and reverence that they should have showed towards other human beings who were created in God's image by being indulging themselves and others to whom they were in command in acts that are considered wrong. These acts include wars, racism, eating disorders, slavery and various others.


The concept has been taught and in case any of the part is missing the human's behavior can get negative impacts. In case soul and spirit are not distinct entities then body's control will overcome both of them and human can indulge in negative activities that surround him. Till the time a human believes that all three parts are closely linked entities then chances of getting into wrong deeds is limited however if this is not the case then we can have significantly adverse effects.


Biblically defined manhood is the role of a breadwinner for a man who seeks for income for his home and runs his family effectively. A person who takes care of his family and folks in an efficient manner plays a role in accordance to that defined in Bible. As far as biblically defined womanhood is concerned, a woman's role is that of a child bearer and caretaker for home responsibilities. The benefit will be that the human society will cherish and everyone in the earth will be happy despite whatever he receives.

Answers to Chapter 12


God is transcendence as he his sovereign of all the authorities of the universe. A human is unable to do any act on his own and is not have enough power beyond that is given to him. He has limited knowledge about the world beyond his reach, whereas God's majesty is proved by the fact that he is near to all his creatures and governs the worldly affairs in an eminent manner. The chapter provides efficient quotes and examples that describe the concept of transcendence and ...
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