Lifestyle Of Limited Working Women In The Netherlands (Dutch Women) & Their Lower Depression Rates When Compared To Working American Women

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Lifestyle of Limited Working Women in the Netherlands (Dutch women) & their Lower Depression Rates when Compared to Working American Women


It is accepted today that working women work and have a career to pursue. Paradoxically, society, lifestyles have not advanced as quickly, that is to say, by fully integrating this data. It is still common to think that mothers should be there out of school or that it should not return to work only three years of her child, as far as possible. It is not natural think, even today, that children kept in good conditions have a plus, particularly in opening. Indeed, the employment of working women is not integrated in the organization of childcare, or in work organization (attitudes, lifestyles articulation of social and academic). The issue of money can cause heated discussions between partners, some of which even manage to end the relationship. This article is for those working women interested in learning more about the reasons why it is so difficult to discuss the issues of money within the couple and how they can overcome this problem.


What emerges most often studies, these are some points of particular importance for children. The relevance of the lifestyle led by a woman and its references, its values: a woman who believes she has a career to be implemented simultaneously for family life will be consistent with itself and the children feel. How is perceived that the woman works, within the family unit: if, for example, the father is not favorable to the work of his wife, family atmosphere will be affected (Arnold). The reasons why the woman works: if she does in there having fun or if it is just a financial need, children will not accept it the same way. The type of care that must match the sensitivity and needs of working parents.

Once the child has a problem of any nature whatsoever, the woman will feel guilty, wondering where she had a flaw. When she works, the woman will immediately find the cause: his business. His guilt will manifest an unconscious way (including malfunctions in the relationship, somatization) (Baxandall, Fraad, Gordon & Reverby). and on a broader level than just psychological (mental and physical burden of child rearing door too exclusively on the woman).

The environment of the mother is essential (work environment, family, social) and remains the heart of it all. We note that a woman who works and operates in a rich socio-cultural (socio-cultural activities, relationships). will have slightly different relationships education a woman of the same medium that does not work. In contrast, a woman living in a difficult environment (insecurity, social isolation) (Coontz). it works or not, will have educational difficulties against children.

Psychoanalytic Studies have shown that the fate of a child is not entirely determined by the objective reality of what is given him to live: children who grow up in a hard or complicated may well be in out correctly, however children living in a rich can completely fail ...
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