Literary Analysis Of Numbers 14:1-45

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Literary Analysis of Numbers 14:1-45

Literary Analysis of Numbers 14:1-45


The rebellion's spirit which arrived to the head in the plan to put Caleb and Joshua to death was suppressed by the burning splendor which had been flashed out at the meeting's tent. However, disaffection and hostility continued and Moses recognized with terror that instant obliteration endangered the tribes and ethnic group. Jehovah will slice them along with plague, dispossess them as well as lift up a novel nation mightier and greater than they. It has been realized that Moses himself must be the destined race's father.

The consideration was one as a result of which a determined man would have seized; and to amuse it might well appear a good obligation of a man. What can be the better way of courageous and earnest spirit that serves the Divine purpose of grace and the world? If the determination of Heaven was that a new commencement in the older series must be made, the tribute was not frivolously to be lay down. Moses saw a great possibility similar to Abraham. There was not the failure of Divine purpose, though Israel verified in poor condition to serve it.

Divine Providence determines the men's pusillanimity. Their terror removes them of that which is actually put and offered in their grab. They demonstrate themselves unable when the time of critical attempt comes up, and a novel generation ought to arise before the readiness of situation unlocks the way again. The Israelites case reveals that disappointment and rebuke are essential in the human life's Divine discipline. The outcome will be of no gain or benefit in the long run for any kind of good reason. God waits for others who shall become successful if men fail. We are capable of forgetting this; we believe that we illustrate appropriate faith in the fullness of Divine pardon when we claim that men who have been forgiven and erred or made a mistake, who have deceptively overlooked their chance and lead through repentance into new and novel passion, shall be rushed on to the obligations that they declined to confront. But in the Israel's time, the adequate discipline's law and the punishment law forbids. Humanity and kindness is not to be cheated or deceived of its Divine lessons, nor any cause of necessity or generosity be supported with the intention that particular men might go into a Canaan they previously declined to own.


Literary analysis of Number 14:1 - 45

After the release from Egypt, there exists a variety of insights that can be achieved from Israelites rebellion's account against God. The literary analysis of the Number 14:1 - 45 can be helpful in learning related to the rejection of blessings of God, missed blessings, consequences of false reports, divine punishment, doubt despite of the Lord and the list continues. Though, the most easiest and relevant to carry over or put back into the contemporary Christian walk in belief is the intercession of Moses before the God who is getting ready to ...